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Today I said goodbye to two friends.  One I didn't know for very long, and we weren't very close.  But I think we were getting close.  He's a good guy, and I wish we could have hung out together more.  The other I've known since 1st year.  She was my first Japanese friend in university, and one of the friends I've known the longest.  Both of them will return to Japan and live out their lives.  I will miss them both.

What scares me about the next few days is how many times I'm going to have to say things like "goodbye".  Of course I've been saying more "I'll see you later"s.  But I don't know when "later" is.  This year?  Next year?  Maybe never?  I feel like I'm living out the hedgehog dilemma.  Do we meet people only to one day say goodbye?  In trying to know others, are we ultimately left with wounds?
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