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i'm so busy with the start of a new school year.  i shouldn't still be here, but i am.  and i'm ok with that.  i'm enjoying my time, although i'm very busy.  ever moment should be planned, but nothing seems to go as planned...  but i suppose that's all the fun of 'living'.

i notice that the people around me now are not the people i was expecting to be spending so much time with.  everyday is an adventure filled with laughs and good times.  i feel like i've found another facet of myself and am exploring this new person i am becoming.  i knew a shift was coming...  i could feel it in my bones 2 or 3 months ago.  i tried to guard against the change, but some things in life are inevitable.  however, i don't feel like a victim of circumstance; we all make decisions in life, and while others were defining new boundaries within which they would interact with me, i also made decisions in my life about who i wanted to be.  i decided how i wanted to be treated, how i wanted to spend my time and what i wasn't going to put up with. 

life is too short to become bitter about things that cannot be helped.  i'm not bitter.  i refuse to be.  instead i've moved on to bigger and better things.  i'm still holding onto that piece of me that i have been for 3 years now, but i've discovered another possible mean, one that is filled with new possibilities and new adventures.  i'm still trying to see who this new person is, and trying to be comfortable with this new person, all the while attempting to hold onto the things i hold dear to me.  it will be an interesting road ahead, but from here i see nothing but possibilities.
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